Top 10 Domain And Web Hosting Companies

Have you got your mindset about starting the business online? Are you searching for the next step to be done to set up your business platform? Top Domain and Web Hosting.

So, to start a business the first thing we do is to make a relevant website. Now to create a website we need an appropriate domain name and hosting. (works as a hard disk of your website). There are many sites who provide domain hosting for the website. So as the second step to choose the correct domain hosting provider as of your wish. I am covering the top 10 domain hosting service providers. Services of them you can select the provider which one suits you best. Let’s start one by one.

1.Blue Host – Best for WordPress

Bluehost is considered one of the best domain hosting provider. Because of its security and easy use. Almost unknown of any technical issue one can use this very easily and this undeniably the best for WordPress.Wordpress itself recommended users for Bluehost. So as a beginner Bluehost is one of the best choices.

Services They Provides:

Bluehost provides service like custom WordPress management tool, automatic WordPress upgrades, quick installation and settings for running, free SSL and domain, cheap monthly package,24/7 support, and money back guarantee up to 30 days. So this site is very good for making the website.

2.Ipage -Affordable, Fast and Reliable

Ipage can be said the fastest growing web hosting company because of its cheap rate. They targeted the low budget customer. But the difference is that they provide services like the expensive hosting company but charge low. You may have confusion but after you use it you won’t have to complain against Ipage. So, That’s why they are continuously attracting customers to them.

Services They Provide:

They provide services as other well-known companies do. They are affordable plan, free and independent email, free domain, free marketing tools, free site builder, free transfer of the domain,24/7 support, 30 days money back guarantee.

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3.Namecheap – The cheapest domain hosting provider.

It is one of the popular domain hosting provider because of its pricing. It charges very much lower than its competitors as per features it provides to its customers. But I must say this is not for the professionals. For the small business, entrepreneurs, blog writers, or someone casual who will not mind for late surfing can use it. This providers speed is low that’s why it can’t be the best provider if you are serious. But it can be best if your budget is low and you need features and relevance at the low price.

Services They Provides:

It provides the facility of hosting multiple sites using Cpanel/WHM powered hosting, cheapest domain hosting provider, one-click WordPress installation, the latest security update to protect the website from malicious attack,24/7 assistance.this is an ICANN certificate provides TDLs like org,.com,.club,.xyz,.net, etc at a very low rate.

4.Dreamhost -That gives you Satisfaction

This ICANN certified web and domain hosting provider is gaining more and more potential day by day. They are improving their user’s experience. Super fast speed, total protection, customer support and the trust they have created is enough for their recognition.  Anyone can choose this provider almost recklessly as they provide 100 % for the customer. So, You can try it.

Services They Provides:

They provide services like lightning speed, secure and safe website,97 days money back guarantee, refunds you daily on the basis of an hour their server remains down, free SSL,24/7 support through live chat, domain hosting with email. If you need a highly professional website, dream host is the best for its speed, reliability, customer support and other is expensive but as you know good things demand more.

5.Siteground-Crafted with care

It is a popular domain hosting provider with almost more than 1 million users.they are also Capable of fulfilling their users demand with high speed, secure and safe website,24/7 support.

Services They Provides:

They provide services like free SSD, SSL, super speedy servers, updated protection, SG site scanner, WHOIS privacy, TDLs like .com,.org,.net, etc.

6.Godaddy –  The package of price, Speed, and Security.

Godaddy is one of the biggest domain hosting service provider this time. Their marketing strategy and enhanced services with reliable support and affordable price make. GoDaddy popular all over the world.quality service and low price make them a reasonable competitor of other web do, a main hosting company.

Services They Provide:

They provide services like affordable pricing, the trust of 55 million users, WHOIS privacy, web builder tool, unique and independent email account, free SSL. – Secure And Speedy.

One of the leading hosting company is gaining potential for their relevance secure and safe website hosting. They give 24/7 overall support to the is also ICANN accredited hosting company.

Services They Provide:

They provide services like WHOIS privacy,Gsuit(google cloud),ssl certificate,vps hosting,wordpress hosting, like .com,.net,.co,.club,.xyz etc.

8. 1&1 hosting – One of the oldest but updated

Founded in 1988, 1&1 is one of the oldest domain hosting service provider has their three decades experience in this industry. They provide scalability by which you can customize the plan according to your need. DoS protection offered by them is really an attracting one. Also, they have changed their services with time.

Services They Provide:

They provide services like 5 levels of scalable performance to adjust your need,http/2 for high transfer rate, hybrid. Technology through SSD, DDoS protection, PHP memory limit up to 768 MB, affordable package and most important of all higher search engine ranking.

9.Hostgator – Premium Quality Providers:

If you want some premium features you have to choose Hostgator. It is much expensive than others but it is worth it. They are providing customers with speed support and reliability with some additional features.

Services They Provide:

They provide services like 100% reliability excellent scalable opportunity, easy installation of the website, support Joomla, Magento, WordPress etc, 45-day money back guarantee, unlimited bandwidth with 24/7 instant support.

10.Hostinger-Lightning Fast

Claiming to be the fastest domain service provider hosting is becoming popular with their affordable price, fast speed, technical support, and undisturbed service.

Services They Provide:

They provide service like free domain, free email account at the lowest price. Optimization of WordPress speeds up to 200%, unlimited space, bandwidth, 30-day money back guarantee,24/7 support.

My opinion:

Everyone has a particular demand and a particular budget. So, chose the one that accomplishes your wish costing you less money. I suggest you calculate sections like price, support, security, uptime etc. Hope you can get help from this article.

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